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NLS Staff April 2016

This was the first (and potentially the only) opportunity I was granted to serve on staff for the National Leadership Seminar. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to serve with so many fantastic arrowmen and get the opportunity to change the lives of 40 participants in NLS that weekend.

North Carolina

Sometimes my adventures lead me to weird places. Boy Scouting led me to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill… the one school that I want to beat in every sport at much as possible. One day maybe we will be redeemed for 2005…

Obama Farewell

Living near the McCormick place has its perks. I was able to get a ticket to see President Obama’s Farewell Address. While the event itself was a little disappointing due to the arrangement of the arena, I still appreciated being there in the moment. Thank you for the last 8 years. #ThanksObama

Chicago Skyline During World Series Run

The city was decked out in Blue and proclaiming “Go Cubs Go” during their run to the World Series. As a South Side White Sox Fan and marginal baseball fan, it was interesting to see, but not as life changing as it seemed to be for many in Chicago.