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North Carolina

Sometimes my adventures lead me to weird places. Boy Scouting led me to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill… the one school that I want to beat in every sport at much as possible. One day maybe we will be redeemed for 2005…

Obama Farewell

Living near the McCormick place has its perks. I was able to get a ticket to see President Obama’s Farewell Address. While the event itself was a little disappointing due to the arrangement of the arena, I still appreciated being there in the moment. Thank you for the last 8 years. #ThanksObama

Chicago Skyline During World Series Run

The city was decked out in Blue and proclaiming “Go Cubs Go” during their run to the World Series. As a South Side White Sox Fan and marginal baseball fan, it was interesting to see, but not as life changing as it seemed to be for many in Chicago.