Climbing Mount Davis

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In my travels I end up many interesting places. During my latest trip to Oakland I was able to get a tour of the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. This is currently the home to both the Oakland A’s and Oakland Raiders for at least the next year. It was the home of both the movie and actual Moneyball. For all of those reasons it was really neat to get the behind the scenes tour of this historic stadium. As part of our tour we decided to climb the locally dubbed “Mount Davis”. This is a very large expansion to the Coliseum above the outfield that was petitioned for by the Raiders as part of their return to Oakland after leaving Los Angeles in 1995. This collection of luxury boxes and balcony seats towers over the rest of the stadium. It also blocks the former wonderful views of the mountains off in the distance. In what must be universal irony this gigantic structure is now normally adorned with a large tarp over the top of the top bleacher section. After visiting the top of the section it became blatantly obvious these seats would be terrible for a baseball game. It might work for an NFL game as the Raiders (and namesake Al Davis) had imagined. I will have to say at the very top of Mount Davis you do get a remarkable view of both downtown Oakland and San Francisco off in the distance. Maybe that will be the one redeeming quality of this massive addition to the Coliseum that now sits unused. As I move on to my next adventure, I will never forget the time I had the chance to climb Mount Davis and stare out at the rest of the Bay Area.