Chicago Symphony Orchestra

I am blessed living in Chicago to have access to world class cultural institutions. I have world class museums, art institutes, and of course the Chicago Symphony Orchestra all within walking distance (or L ride) from my house. People travel from around the world to visit these institutions and that’s why I try to make time to experience all the amazing things the city has to offer. This week I got the opportunity to see the CSO perform Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone in concert where the Orchestra supplies the music track as the film plays above all live. Its quite a remarkable experience to watch the movie and then realize that very familiar theme music is being played live right there in front of you. You can look down and see the bows of the string instruments furiously at work while the horns and percussion seem to effortlessly nail many of the complexities in these musical scores. If you have not ever visited an orchestra I highly recommend it. It might be that I am biased after getting to watch some of the best musicians in the world execute their craft to bring to life to some of the most famous music scores in the world. Whatever it might have been, I know that I will find myself back there again.