Google Fi

GoogleFiEver since I have had a cell phone, I have run on Verizon Wireless. Big Red has connected my cell phones to the rest of the world and to be fair it worked rather well (as long as I was in the United States). Times are a changing and I figured now was the time to try something new. After my latest 2 year contract expired with Verizon recent, I looked around for a different carrier. I had originally decided to switch to T-Mobile because it would A allow me to use my phone around the world and B be cheaper than what I was currently paying with Verizon. That was until my searching led me to some reviews of Google Fi. The offer seemed enticing enough to give it a test drive. Here is the basic rundown of their service:

  • Cell Network that gives 4G speeds through a combination of T-Mobile and Sprint’s networks.
  • Calls, Messaging, and Data all can go over WiFi or Cell Network. Calls will automatically switch between the best signal be it a Cell Network or WiFi.
  • Easy Billing with $20 for the phone line and then $10 per GB

The most incredible part about the data usage is you only pay for what you use. If I pay for 2 GB and only use 1.2 GB then I would get a $8 credit back to my account. If I use 2.2GB then I pay an extra $2, no overages or outrageous fees. Coming from Verizon where if I overused my data I would be paying at least a $15 fee if not more, this is simply amazing.

Getting my Google Fi service was extremely easy. The process went like this:

  • Set up account online
  • Order phone that I plan on using with Fi (Only works with Nexus 5x or 6P right now)
  • Enter in my current Verizon Account information
  • Once phone arrived I plugged in the Sim card and entered in my google account information
  • Less that 10 minuted later I had my phone activated with my old number transferred

It might apply to any new phones nowadays, but having everything in the cloud is way easier than having to manually enter in your contacts. Once google synced with my phone I had my calendar, contacts, and a list of my apps ready to download to my new phone. As for using the phone itself, so far I have not noticed that many differences. I did notice a slight delay on the call when using the wifi, but not noticeable if you were not in the same place. I used the phone on a conference call earlier and it appeared to switch seamlessly between using the cell network and wifi as I walked into the house. I will have to provide an update later, but so far I am excited for join the Fi network. I think its time to ask people if they can hear me now.