I Wish You Enough

Over the past week and a half I have been in 6 states, 5 airports, 2 hotels, and a camp bunk. I started with the Section C-7 Conclave at Camp Long Lake in St Cloud, WI. I then flew directly to South Carolina for a week with work before returning to Illinois to drive up to Minnesota to staff the National Leadership Seminar. As a person who rarely packs for trips before the night before, packing for three trips back to back to back was extremely challenging. Despite these logistical challenges, I had one of the best weeks of my life. I also have a growing feeling of getting older in the scouting program and also in life in general. That being said I still have the odd situation of going from being one of the old stalwarts at scouting events to then being a very green engineer on work trips and in the office. I suppose before I know it I will be universally be considered old and that situation will resolve itself. In the years between then and now I want to continue making a difference both at where I work and in the scouting program. I want to use my scouting skills to advance my career, I want to use the knowledge I have gained from the working world to inspire and make a difference to the youth of the scouting program. Most of all I want to keep adding to and telling my story. This past week and a half have added another few great pages. Here is to looking forward to what the next page will be.