Here are links to some of my favorite places on the internet.


A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language

XKCD is one of my favorite web comics out there. Randall Munroe has created an amazing webside that is capbile of having high science humor in a specific low graphic (stick figure) way.

T-Rex Trying

The Unfortunate Trials of The Tyrant Lizard King, By Hugh Murphy

T-Rex Trying is a Tumblr website that is dedicated to the wonderful T-Rex trying his hand at modern life. As someone that has been given the nickname “T-Rex” this is one of my favorite places to find satirical comics.

Cyanide and Happiness

One of the best website with satirical humor on topics that push the boundaries.

OA Section C-7

Section C-7 serving the eleven lodges of Central Region Area 7 of the Boy Scouts of America

This is the other website that I help to manage. As a former youth officer as Section C-7 and a current advisers this very close to me personally.