As I get older I realize that there are less and less opportunities to hang out with all of my friends at once. We are spread across the city of Chicago and in other cases across the country or even the world. Last weekend was one of those few opportunities that most of all got to get back together. We are all there to support OA Section C-7 at their annual Winter Council of Chiefs meeting in the Wisconsin Dells. Most of us are all apart of what we would call the alumni association, otherwise know as ‘has-beens’ or ‘never-was’ depending. We are the people who have all grown up in the program and love to give back to our successors. We run the A/V, fill in as table guides, set up the room, and give support to the youth so they can put on the best program possible. This is really a great part of the weekend, but the main reason we all drive hundreds of miles to the Wisconsin Dells is Spotted Cow to hang out with each other. (Side note: Spotted Cow might be second on the list). As one of our members put it: “…you may only run into your friends a handful of times every year, the conversations pick up right where they left off and the bonds of brotherhood are only made stronger”. I might get sideways looks when I explain to people that yes, I still am a Boy Scout, but I would not trade that for anything in the world. These guys are more than my friends, they are my family. To all of the great memories make on these weekends, and to all the great people in my life, I simply wish we could all have more #PartyAtTheKalahari weekends.

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