The Steps You Will Take

Due to a little bit of help from mother nature (i.e. massive thunderstorms) I was able to attend a postponed football game at my Alma Mater, The University of Illinois. I drove the two hours south and enjoyed a day that was very much like back in the days of college. This means I walked a lot, which is something I really enjoy. This got me to wondering how little I walk now that I have to drive to do most everything in my life. I went from walking to class, home, class, to the store, to the stadiums, to friends houses, the list goes on to now where walking is essentially only a hobby relegated to time after work. Luckily I had a way to empirically answer this question with the Fitbit that I have been wearing. On a typical work day I get around 5,000 steps total. When I am exceptionally busy and walking around the office I have gotten 10,000 steps.StepsGraph1 That tends to be the exception rather than the norm. The graph I have posted is my fitbit steps from the past month. The first peak is my weekend downtown Chicago where I logged 27,000 steps. The second peak is my trip to Champaign where I logged 19,700 steps that day. That day in Champaign was very much similar to a day in college meaning that on an average day in Champaign I walked 4x the number of steps that I now walk on an average day in my working life. I never suffered from the Freshman 15, but I can see why I initially got the post graduation 15 after college. According to fitbit I burned 3,359 calories in my visit to Champaign while on an average work day I burn around 2,400 calories. That’s a decrease of nearly 30% from my college days to now! That is a significant difference especially when compounded day after day. My fitbit sets a goal of 10,000 steps a day that even I struggle to hit. This would have been nothing back in the day, but something like this is just not possible with my current job and living arrangement. I look forward to the day when I can go back to walking like I was able to do in Champaign.

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