The 2014 Heart of Dallas Bowl featured the Illinois Fighting Illini facing off against Louisiana Tech playing in the historic Cotton Bowl stadium near downtown Dallas, TX. After several terrible years I figured I had to go to this bowl game because who knows when another one will come around? The game itself is something I try not to forget, besides Reilly O’Tool leaving it all out on the field, we were outplayed and outmatched by a Conference USA team (Embarrassing being from the B1G). The game did however start my recent obsession with the chicken restaurant called Zaxby’s. For those unfamiliar with NCAA college football bowl games, they are glorified executions in (usually) warm weather sponsored by a corporation. I am living proof that this can occasionally work very well. In Zaxby’s case it is because they are absolutely delicious, my biggest dilemma is that they only appear in states south of the mason-dixon line. (Not entirely true, but all restaurants are currently either in the South or Utah) Meaning that any chance I get to travel south, I am inevitably making a chicken detour. Twice in this past week I made sure to visit my favorite chicken place while doing some work in Arkansas. Both times were well worth it, even if the first time added at least another 30 minutes to my 4 hour drive. You may call me obsessed (and may be correct), but here is my ode to Zaxby’s, some of the best fried chicken you will have. May I one day be able to get some in good ole Illinois.


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